Q: What’s your REAL job?

    A: Experience designer at ÜberConference in San Francisco.

    Q: Where are you from?

    A: Paris, France 

    Q: Tell us a little about your design aspirations

    A: To add meaning to design by strategically placing products into contexts and creating intelligent, sustainable environments for people to operate within. I also hope to play an integral part in changing the current model of ownership to one centered around access, through the creation of better services.

    Q: What do you do when your not in the office or modeling?

    A: Racing triathlons, shooting photos, getting lost in the wilderness, or at a metal show.

    Q: What are you snacking on right now?

    A: Chapul cricket bar. It’s the future!

    Jerome is wearing the Wings + Horns Double- Faced Knit Blazer, Wings + Horns Knit Vest, and the Gitman Brothers Cherry Seersucker Button Down

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    In case you haven’t seen this guy’s face plastered all over our editorials, this is Jerome…
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